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Help for the Savic family

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Since our last assignment on site in October 2019, it has unfortunately no longer been possible for us to travel to Kosovo and Metohija ourselves due to the restrictions that have persisted to this day. At least not in the form of an assignment with volunteers from different European countries.

Despite all this, we have not been idle in the past few weeks and months and have tried as far as possible to maintain our activities despite the situation that has persisted to this day.

So in September 2020 we were in the fortunate position, thanks to the help of many donors, to donate four scholarships for the students of the high school in Orahovac. Many good people also followed our call “Parcel sponsors wanted” in May 2021 and so many donations of clothing found their way to our befriended humanitarian organization Народне кухиње на Косову и Метохији. In November 2021 we were guests of TSD, the television of the Serbian diaspora in Munich, and recorded a program there, which with God’s help will be released shortly.

And now, a few weeks later, our latest small project from January of this year has also been brought to a positive conclusion. Thanks to our dear supporters, the donations of children’s clothing and toys have now reached the families in need via our local partners:

“The aid was successfully distributed to the Savic family from the village of Zebince in Kosovo and Metohija. We also send photos this way. Everyone is immeasurably grateful and wish you all the best!”

We certainly can’t save the whole world, but we can help make it a little bit better.

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