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Matteo Caponetti (ESFK) talking to Politikolog

Founder and representative of the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo, Matteo Caponetti, in an interview on the serbian student of the Faculty of Political Science website časopis Politikolog! The interview also appeared on the website srbin.info. An interview with Matteo Caponetti, the representative of European Solidarity Front for Kosovo Euoropean Solidarity Front for Kosovo is […]

Jedinstvo about ESFK Mission-Kosovo 2015

The weekly Jedinstvo (Unity), brought on October 5th a report about this year’s mission. The article appeared on pages kosmet.org and pravoslavie.ru as well. “European Solidarity Front for Kosovo” again helps Serb children in Kosovo and Metohija Children are our future – especially for the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and their shining eyes warm […]

Daily Sremske Novine about ESFK Mission-Kosovo 2015

On 23rd of September 2015 the daily Sremke Novine reported about our this years mission: The “European Solidarity Front for Kosovo” was established in Italy, but has expanded rapidly across Europe. In Germany, the Solidarity Front gained a foothold thanks to Maik Müller. Now a large number of people and organizations connected. Recently volunteers from […]

DS-TV about ESFK Mission-Kosovo 2015

Here you will find a video of the news magazine DS-TV about our mission in Kosovo in 2015. We underline once more, that the ESFK is a non-political project. Humanitarian aid is our top priority. But we are glad that we have this opportunity of reporting, because the Western media silent about the criminal NATO […]

Mission Kosovo – September 2015 – Photo gallery

Volunteers from eight countries took part in this year’s Mission-Kosovo. In two groups, the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo visited the Serbian minority in their homeland, where they live under the most severe conditions since the NATO aggression 1999. In recent days, we visited various facilities such as schools and kindergartens, as well as needy […]

Back in Kosovo September 2015

From 7th to 11th of September this year European volunteers of the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo (ESFK) will travel in two humanitarian missions, taking place at the same time, to Kosovo and Metohija. The task force from Germany and the Czech Republic is assisted in its work by other volunteers from different European nations. […]

Mission Kosovo – November 2014

For its third mission in the regions of Kosovo and Metochia, in 2014, Europen Solidarity Front for Kosovo (ESFK) decided to be there twice: from the 1st to the 5th of October and from the 4th to the 7th of November. The european volunteers involved in the last ESFK’s solidarity mission were more than ever, […]

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