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About us

In 2013 the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo (ESFK) was born to help the minority of the Serbian people, who still lives in their holy land of Kosovo and Metohija.

The ESFK is a solidarity community that would like to work for the support of those who need help to survive and build up a future in Kosovo.

Currently the ESFK has members in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In the past years we organized a couple of different missions. During this operations we was able to help many families, schools and other institutions in the serbian “enclaves”.

In the next years, we want to work in this direction further. Aside our next humanitarian missions, one of our next projects will not only to bring goods for the people, but to build up something that lasts in time.

Another goal is to talk to the people in our countries about the dangerous political, social and economic situation in this part of Europe that exists there today.

We dream of a Europe that is fundamentally different from that in which we live today. Our dream is to build a Europe in which people and nations work together peacefully and defend their identity and traditions.

We think that just the act of solidarity is able to raise this future. We are people who love to act rather than just to talk about it. Therefore we leave the speeches to the politicians.

You like to join us? It’s easy, contact us!

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