Fundraising! – Help for family Micić

Frequent theft of Serbian property and livestock in Kosovo and Metohija has not spared Velika Hoča in recent months. In a little more than a month, a post office in the village was robbed and stolen the property of the organization “Friends of Decani”, which rents bikes in the small town. The Micić family was also victimized when thieves stole the cattle from the barn on the night of 14-15 November.

The Micić family, along with Snežana and her husband Stanislav, are also her son Saško, her daughter-in-law Ivana and her grandchildren Stefan and Strahinja. Both Snežana and Stanislav lost their jobs after 1999 and live with minimal support. That’s their main income in recent years. Saško’s son suffers from a brain tumor and gets a strong therapy. Despite a strong and frequent headache, he and his father and another friend from the village leased several fields. Here, the men grow wheat and thus contribute to the survival of their families. The cow was one of the main sources of income for the family.

„I always had milk for the babies, could sell milk every day, and I also brought cheese to Kosovska Mitrovica for sale. From this money I paid electricity and other costs. And today my grandson comes back from school looking for milk, and my soul hurts because I can not give it to him. And I have no money to buy another cow … I fed her for years, she fed us. … and the calf was taken too.“

The family of six has Micić Velika Hoča never leave, even if it was the hardest. They thought that the situation had calmed down now and that they could live off their work, but they can not even find peace now.

In consultation and cooperation with the monks of Visoki Dečani Monastery, as well as with your help, we would like to help this family. Let’s collect money together, to buy a new animal for the family.

For this, we ask for your support!

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