Help for family Vukmirović

Father Milun, mother Suzanna and the children Andrea and Strahinja – that is family Vukmirović from Kosovska Mitrovica. Already in September 2016 we support the family in coping with the operating costs for her daughter Andrea, who is born with health problems.

The first time we met during our mission in October of the same year. Since then, Andrea, who despite all the difficulties and problems is a bright, fun-loving and brave girl, had to pass many operations.

On October 5th Andrea celebrated her 14th birthday and has now passed all the previous interventions well. The last payment to be paid for the operation costs is about 400,- Euro. According to the government of the “Republic of Kosovo”, the average income was 3277,- Euros for the year 2015, which corresponds to a monthly amount of just 273,- Euros. We therefore decided to help the four-member family from Kosovska Mitrovica once again and to take over 50% of the last remaining open rate.

“We are very grateful for your support and your understanding, you are wonderful. We hope that you will help other families as you have helped us. You gave us hope to continue. The world needs more such people. People who work selflessly for a better tomorrow. We love you very much…”

…lets us know Suzanna Vukmirović and greets all our supporters and helpers! Father Milun Vukmirović today received our donation of 200,- Euros to pay the operating costs.

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