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Mission Kosovo – October 2017 – Photo gallery

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From 2nd to 6th October, we traveled to our second this year’s mission to the Serbian “enclaves” in Kosovo and Metohija. Volunteers from Germany, Brazil and Serbia formed our group of 13 people, with whom we visited the different families and institutions, providing the funds and donations collected for our various projects. The total volume of material and financial donations for our October mission was at least 1770,16 EUR. Not included here are the large amounts of donations we received from our friends and supporters from Poland.

In Velika Hoča we finished with a donation of 500, – EUR our project for the purchase of a car for the local kindergarten. The substantive support will cover both the cost of registration of the vehicle in the system of the “Republic of Kosovo”, as well as the purchase of a set of winter tires. For the children we brought a lot of handicrafts, which is divided between the facilities in Velika Hoča and Orahovac.

The preschool class in the “Svetozar Marković” primary school, we were able to hand over various learning games such as for forms and colors. A special gift was a wooden puzzle “SRBIJA”, produced in Serbia, in Cyrillic script, which we received during an interview with Serbian Science Television. For chemistry lessons, we also provided two posters with the periodic table of elements and a molecular kit worth 69,51 EUR.

With another donation of 300,- EUR we support the family Micić, whose daughter Jovana needs an eye surgery. For special examinations and treatments, the journey to Belgrade, which is about 400 kilometers away, is necessary every time. Thanks to the great support from Poland, we were also able to give Jovana and her brother Stefan two new rucksacks filled with school material and other little surprises.

In Gračanica, we visited the monastery and met with staff of the People’s Kitchen and the organization “Majka Jugovića devet”, which we handed over a large amount of clothing donations. In the “enclave” of Priluzje we visited the school, one of the oldest in Kosovo and met with children of the athletic club. We also inspected the damage caused by a heavy storm on the indoor tennis center.

In Orahovac, where we visited the primary school “Dositej Obradović” and the gymnasium housed in the same building, we donated new schoolbooks for the first grade of the gymnasium worth 360,- EUR, thanks to our donors. The books will be distributed to each upcoming generation and find use in the coming years too. In support of a needy pupil, we handed over a donation of 50,- EUR to the local priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Velja Stojković. A small project that we want to pursue further in the future.

At the end of our mission, we visited our dear family Šapić in the northern village of Banja, whose daughters Jovana and Milica have already grown to young women. For another year, we also took the boarding school costs for son Dejan (360, – EUR), who, like his sister Jovana, is now studying in Kosovska Mitrovica. In Banja we also visited the school, where the teachers show us the state and situation of the institution. Depending on need and opportunity, we want to engage us here as part of a new project. For the children of the preschool class, we handed over school material worth 130,65 EUR, as well as other utensils of the daily work at school from the large collection of our Polish friends.

More important, however, was our visit itself and the fact that we try to be the voice of the Serbs in Kosovo in our home countries. For everyone involved, it has been very emotional days. Therefore we publish a last weeks photo gallery and invite you to follow us on Facebook, where you can find short texts for all our different stations.

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