Mission Kosovo – May 2017 – Photo gallery

With a smaller group, consisting of four German volunteers, we traveled to our first this year’s mission in the South-Serbian province of Kosovo and Metochia. From 15th to 19th May we visited various institutions and families, as well as cultural monuments in Kosovo, the cultural and religious cradle of the Serbs. At the same time, we looked at the life situation of the Serbian minority in Kosovo, which in the eighteenth year after the official end of the war sees daily repression and harassment. The total volume of material and money donations for our May mission amounted to 1437.54 euros.

The Šapić family from the northern village of Banje, which we have been accompanying and supporting for several years, have been handed over three large school bags with teaching materials worth EUR 13.65 each. Nine other of these bags were given the pupils of the gymnasium in Orahovac and seven more were given to children from families in Velika Hoča and Kosovska Mitrovica. Thanks to our donors, material of a total value of 245.70 Euro!

A preschool class of the school “Svetozar Marković” in Velika Hoča, after prior consultation with the class leader Neda Majmarevič, we handed over various learning materials for the lessons as well as things of the daily school supplies for the children themselves. Also we were able to support the “Dositeij Obradovic” primary school in Orahovac with a new map of Serbia, which will now be applied in geography teaching. We also support the Gymnasium, which is located in the same building, in addition to the teaching materials already mentioned for the children, with a donation of 400.00 euros, which will be used to purchase new cabinets. A visit to the nursery “Naša radost” was also a must, where children were delighted by the colored crayons, painting books and small sweets. The facility itself, after consulting the manager Ljiljana Radić, is provided with materials for the maintenance of buildings worth 166.75 euros, as well as an additional 60 packages of printer and copy paper, two hopping for the children and two required weighing scales.

Next to a football game against the children (Result 9: 8 for the home team), we also visited the families Micić and Lukić in Velika Hoča, as well as family Vukmirović in Kosovska Mitrovica. The father of the family, Darko Lukić, who now provides his family with independent work, we handed over a large cut-off grinder. The families Micić and Vukmirović we support in the past, with small financial donations for the necessary operations of their daughters Jovana and Andrea.

At the end of our mission we visited before leaving once again the primary school “Svetozar Marković” in Velika Hoča where our now much less little friend Milica Djordjević and her school friends said goodbye with a common song. On our way back to Kosovska Mitrovica, we also visited the “enclave” of Priluzje, where we got an impression of the “Nole” tennis club and gave the children some tennis balls for the training.

More important, however, was our visit itself and the fact that we try to be the voice of the Serbs in Kosovo in our home countries. For everyone involved, it has been very emotional days. Therefore we publish a last weeks photo gallery and invite you to follow us on Facebook, where you can find short texts for all our different stations.

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