Kosovo Mission – October 2016 – Photo gallery

Volunteers from three nations are participating in this year’s Kosovo mission. In two groups, the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo visited the Serbian minority in their homeland, where these people have been living under extremely difficult conditions since NATO aggression in 1999. In the past few days, we have visited various institutions such as schools and kindergartens, but also needy families. We brought over donations in the amount of 4063,07 Euro.

We support the children of the family Šapić from the village of Banja in North Kosovo with school materials and the cost of the Internat of the largest son Dejan for one year (360,- Euro). For the primary school “Dositeij Obradovic” in Orahovac we brought 800 exercise books and school materials for 43 students. The Gymnasium, which is housed in the same building and currently has only 9 students, is supported by a lot of material for the lessons. Such a mobile volleyball court, foot-, volley- and basketballs, as well as a new basketball hoop. Further more 60 painting blocks A3, rulers, tempered inks, mixing pallets, brushes, text markers, writing blocks, quick staplers and other small things like pencils, erasers and sharpeners. All of course, in sufficient quantities, so that the material can be given to the students if necessary. The students themselves were each given a large bag with school supplies (value 14,85 Euro each). To collective use by both schools, we also gave 30 packages of copy paper, a large box Chalks (200 x blue, 200 x red, 200 x yellow, 2000 x white), and a large blackboard ruler, Geo-Triangle and blackboard circle.

We also visited the kindergarden “Naša radost” and gave the director Ljiljana Radić a car for the daily work of the staff of the kindergarden. We also had a small surprise for the little ones. The included colored pencils, painting books and small sweets were taken immediately.

We also met the little Milica Djordjevic, who now attends class 5 in Velika Hoca. She and the children of another three families also received school materials. The Vukmirovic family from Kosovska Mitrovica, whose daughter Andrea is born with health problems and who needs many operations, we supported by a donation for the costs of surgery already before our trip. Son Strahinja, who is a big football fan, we surprised with a fan shirt of the Polish club Korona Kielce, that friends and supporters had handed over to our mission from Poland, as well as a few small things of his favorite club Rad Star Belgrade. These two children also received the large bag of school supplies, of which we were able to spend a total of ten to different families.

More important, however, was our visit itself and the fact that we try to be the voice of the Serbs in Kosovo in our home countries. For everyone involved, it has been very emotional days. Therefore we publish a last weeks photo gallery and invite you to follow us on Facebook, where you can find short texts for all our different stations.

A detailed report will follow in the coming days and weeks.

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