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Mission Kosovo – October 2016

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In October this year, European volunteers are traveling as part of a new humanitarian mission of the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo (ESFK) to Kosovo and Metohija. The group from Germany and Finland is supported in its work by other volunteers from different European countries. Our work also is a clear statement that not all the people in Western Europe agree with the NATO aggression and its indirect as direct consequences!

“Our work and the tireless efforts of our supporters put us in recent years in the position to support needy families, schools and kindergartens with necessary monetary and material donations.

In addition to sponsorship and financial support for textbooks and materials, necessary renovations, sports equipment for school and other things, the main objective of our mission this year is the purchase of a much needed car for the director of the kindergarten in Orahovac, which also has an office in Velika Hoca. The vehicle is required primarily for organizing the daily work in kindergarten and should provide the necessary flexibility when changing between the two places.

Through our close contacts with the people and institutions in the region, we are able to donate very targeted. We work completely transparent. All missions and operations are documented on our web page. Our travel costs are funded entirely privately! From donations local people benefit 100%!”

Support our this year’s project with a donation:

Surely we can not save the whole world, but we can help to make it a better place.


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