New chandelier for church in Orahovac

One day before Easter Sunday, the day celebrating the Orthodox Christians on 1 May, our friends in Orahovac could inaugurate the new chandelier for their church of Dormition of the Holy Virgin.

In fundraising, the women of the Serb community had previously initiated, came in 1560,- Euro together. From this amount the chandelier could be bought. Additional costs caused by transportation and installation, as well as the acquisition of the necessary lamps. The ESFK participated with a donation of 150, – Euro, which contributed our supporters from Spain, Finland and Germany.

The teacher Olivera Radic from the local school “Dositej Obradović” writes:

“… With the help of God and our Holy Mother of God, we have the chandeliers in the church dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin, consecrated. We would like to thank all those who have contributed and helped to guide our modest work to the end. The idea was born to feast of Our Lady and lasted until the beginning of the Easter fasting. The donations for the purchase and installation came from many different places, Prague, Dresden, Belgrade, Smederevo, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Orahovac and Velika Hoca. … ”

After this first success, the campaign now is to be continued, as to renew the two small chandeliers of the church in Orahovac. We are pleased with the Serbs in Orahovac and look forward with pleasure to our next reunion!

candelier_orahovac_2016_1 candelier_orahovac_2016_2 candelier_orahovac_2016_3 candelier_orahovac_2016_4 candelier_orahovac_2016_5 candelier_orahovac_2016_6

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