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Mission Kosovo – September 2015 – Photo gallery

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Volunteers from eight countries took part in this year’s Mission-Kosovo. In two groups, the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo visited the Serbian minority in their homeland, where they live under the most severe conditions since the NATO aggression 1999. In recent days, we visited various facilities such as schools and kindergartens, as well as needy families. We brought over donations worth at least EUR 1054.06. A five-member family, whose father died in the past year, we supported the takeover of the costs of schoolbooks (500, – Euro) for all four children and brought new school backpacks and instructional materials. For school “Dositeij Obradovic” in Orahovac we bought locally much needed tools for repair and maintenance worth 344, – Euro. Even the kindergarten “Naša radost” in Orahovac and Velika Hoca received next to everyday items a donation of 100, – Euro for the purchase of tools. In the old imperial city of Prizren, we visited the only Serbian child Milica. She also received school supplies and a guitar – a special wish from that little girl.

More importantly, however, was our visit in itself and the fact that we try to be the voice of the Serbs in Kosovo in our home countries. For everyone involved, it was very emotional days. Therefore we publish a last weeks photo gallery and invite you to follow us on Facebook, where you can find short texts for every day.

A detailed report will follow in the coming days and weeks.

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