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Mission Kosovo – September 2015

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From 7th to 11th of September this year European volunteers of the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo (ESFK) will travel in two humanitarian missions, taking place at the same time, to Kosovo and Metohija. The task force from Germany and the Czech Republic is assisted in its work by other volunteers from different European nations.

“As in previous years, the focus of our work is to support needy families and children in the serbian “enclaves”. So the program of the forthcoming mission also includes visiting schools and kindergartens, where both the children, as well as the senior staff are dependent on our help for the simplest things of everyday use. Our work is voluntary. Every donation reaches those who need our support. We therefore call on you to support our work according to your possibilities.

Surely we can not save the whole world, but we can help to make it a better place!”

The European Solidarity Front for Kosovo (ESFK) is part of a project of European defense of our borders by the active solidarity between peoples and currently has bases in Italy, France, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland and Germany. Our work is understood as a clear signal that not all the people in Western Europe do agree with the NATO aggression and its indirect as direct consequences! In addition to missions in September further activities in 2015 have been scheduled.


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