March 17, 2004

“Until the beginning of the NATO air strikes there was no humanitarian crisis. […] The fact is: Everyone knew that it would only lead to a humanitarian crisis, when NATO bombed. This has been discussed. In NATO, the OSCE, in our office and in the population.”

Norma Brown, US diplomat in Kosovo

Today, 13 years ago, on 17 March 2004, a three day ongoing pogrom began against everything Serb in Kosovo. Under the eyes of KFOR troops the Albanian majority attacked Serb villages and cityquarters, killed innocent people, destroyed Serbian cultural interests and expelled people out of their sacred homeland.

In the Western world, where the disaster took its course with the NATO aggression in 1999, today in many parts prevails silence about the conditions in Republic of Kosovo, which since 2008 proclaimed as independent.Therefore, on the present day we express our solidarity with Kosovo Serbs and denounce this injustice before the eyes of the world. We use it to send a signal that not all Western Europeans agree with the criminal wars of NATO and its consequences.

We condemn the violence of ethnic Albanian extremists against the Serb minority in Kosovo as well as the shameful silence of the West. Our humanitarian work is understood as a contribution to a secure future of Serbs in Kosovo in a peaceful Europe.

Samo sloga srbina spasava
Only Unity saves the Serbs


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