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Mission Kosovo – October 2014

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At our October-Mission 2014, volunteers from the Czech Republic and Germany took part. Apart from cultural trips to Gracanica, Visoki Dečani Monastery and Gazimestan on Kosovo field, primarily the humanitarian aid was at the forefront. Through various donations it was possible to distribute goods worth of 1680, – Euro to families and schools. As part of our trip we visited a family whose father had passed away a few weeks ago. Another visit, we equip the Serbian school in Orahovac, where we could hand over school supplies and other small surprises to the children. Also balls and other sports equipment were handed over. During this mission, the ESFK also supported the little girl Milica, the last Serb child in the city of Prizren. The mission ended with a visit to a family in the village of Velika Hoca, who was expecting their second child. Toys, children’s clothes and other useful things could be transferred here.

After this mission the German ESFK activists sent more goods to the orphans, and the school in Orahovac.

Read a full report of the October mission on the web pages of our German and Czech volunteers.

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