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Mission Kosovo 2020 – give future: scholarships for school children in Orahovac

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In the past few years we have been able to implement numerous small aid projects in Kosovo and Metochia with our volunteer project and with the help of many donors and volunteers from Europe and around the world. These include needy families, schools, day care centers and more. Unfortunately, the circumstances resulting from the events of the past weeks and months make an on-site assignment increasingly unlikely for our volunteers this year. We have therefore decided to support the high school in Orahovac with its fundraising for the scholarships of needy students in the coming school year as part of the “Mission Kosovo 2020”. Children for whose families the acquisition of the necessary school and learning materials is a difficult task. We spoke to director Dobrila Vitošević:

The students and their parents are in poor financial shape. Most students have one, some both critically ill parents. The treatment is very expensive, so we use the scholarships to try to provide the students with free books, exercise books and school materials that they need in our school.

We hope that from September 1st there will be about 20 students from 1st to 4th grade. We award scholarships for each student in the amount of 50,- Euros per month, but only in the 10 months in which the school is actually attended. This means an annual level of 500,- Euros per student, per year.

We receive support from good people who work in publishing houses in Serbia and from you all over the world. In any case, we are very grateful and may God give everyone health and happiness.”

Surely we can not save the whole world, but we can help make it a bit better.

So in the next 6 weeks, until the start of the new school year on September 1st, we want to work with you on this project and hope that we can donate the scholarship to at least one student.

Help us with a donation!


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