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Mission Kosovo – October 2019

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Also this year, the volunteers of the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo (ESFK) will visit the people in the serbian „enclaves“ in Kosovo and Metohija and trying to support them within their means.

A goal of the upcoming October-Mission will be the „Milun Jakšić“ school in the north of Kosovo, which our volunteers visited already last year to get an idea of the situation on the ground.

The situation is particularly precarious with regard to the conditions of physical education for the children, which can only be done in a very small, empty classroom, or on the street in front of the school. Together, we want to help change something in this situation, which the director of the school, Darko Ristić, describes as follows:

„Our school was located near Rudnik until 1999. Due to the situation, the school is now in the village of Banje. The school works in the Serbian education system. In 2003, the current school building was built, which unfortunately can not meet all our needs. There are currently 41 children in the school. For normal work we need even more space in the yard, a sports hall, playground, classrooms and natural science cabinets … But priority for this year is the purchase of land for the sports hall and shelves for the library, …“

We also see our work as a clear signal that not all people in Western Europe agree with the NATO aggression and its direct and indirect consequences! We document all our activities on our website. Through our close contacts with the people and institutions in the region, we are able to donate very targeted. We work completely transparent. All missions and operations are documented on our web page. Our travel costs are funded entirely privately! From donations local people benefit 100%!

Surely we can not save the whole world, but we can help make it a bit better.

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This small room is currently used by the children of the school as a sports room.


The plot marked on the plan is to be acquired for the construction of a spot hall.


The area planned for the sports hall.

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