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Attack on young serb returnees in Kosovo

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ISTOG. reports that in the village of Žač near Istog there was an attack on the married returnees Marijana and Veljko Komatović and their two minor children aged five and three. Hitherto unknown perpetrators shot at the family on the afternoon of 11 August.

„You heard the shooting from a distance of about 500 meters, when I mowed the lawn in the garden with my lawn mower and my wife and I were with the children together. The bullet, which narrowly missed her head, struck the nearby trash can. It was just lucky that my wife and the children were left intact“, said the young returnee, who has set up a real returnees household in the village of Žač.

In the village of Žač, not far from Istog, there are only about 40 people out of the 800 or so Serbs who lived there until 1999. Since their return in 2010, they have been the target of attacks by local Albanians, who until then had used their property and for the most part still have it in unlawful possession.

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